Microsoft’s replacement of its Dynamics 365 CRM connectors.

In my recent dev work with Azure Logic Apps I was investigating an issue where a CRM connector was having delay issues, we were told by MS support that it was a transient issue and they recommended to switch to the new CDS connector which apparently has an increased reliability. So from May 5, 2020 Microsoft have deprecated the CRM connectors.

CDS known as Common Data Service lets you securely store and manage data that’s used by business applications and allows data to be integrated from multiple sources into a single store. The current CDS connector is available in Logic Apps, Power Apps and Power Automate to provide connectivity to Dynamics 365 as it is using Common Data Service to store and secure the data they use. It has the same capabilities with the deprecated CRM connectors such as the functions, filters and actions. However this connector is not the newest CDS connector, Microsoft is currently building a newer CDS connector called Common Data Service (current environment) which aims to be the only connector we will need to connect.

CDS(current environment) is out already but only for Power Automate and Power Apps, so Microsoft is recommending to use it there when possible.

Here are the following current limitations as per Microsoft

  • It is not available in Logic Apps.
  • It does not enable cross-tenant or cross environment connections.
  • It cannot be used for canvas apps that use the Power Apps for Windows client.

So if you are using Flow, Canvas Apps and Logic Apps you should use the current CDS connector available. As per Microsoft there is no need to convert due to the limitations mentioned above but where possible use CDS(current environment) or CDS and stop using the Dynamics 365 CRM connectors.



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