BizTalk 2016 Clustering Enterprise Single Sign On

This blog is to show you the steps of clustering Enterprise Single Sign On after you have configured your BizTalk server already. The original steps are based on Microsoft’s article on “How to Cluster the Master Secret Server” most of the steps are here but I had to divert or skip most of theContinue reading “BizTalk 2016 Clustering Enterprise Single Sign On”

Downgrading BizTalk Edition/Licenses

If you have been tasked to downgrade your BizTalk licenses or have accidentally upgrade and want to downgrade edition, unfortunately there are no shortcuts you can take. The fastest downgrade will have to backup all your existing apps and server config, uninstall your current BizTalk edition installed and then install the lower edition. So theContinue reading “Downgrading BizTalk Edition/Licenses”